Craving for Cebuano specialty dishes? Satisfy your taste buds by experiencing Kan-anan!

Kan-anan offers an array of Cebuano specialty dishes from North to South of Cebu without taking a single step!
Experience authentic Cebuano cuisine and get to relish the house specialties such as Lansyaw – stewed bull’s gonads, Ginabut – light battered internal organs – pork intestine, liver and pork heart, deep-fried and served with native sauce, Sutukil – fresh seafood cooked in three ways – sugba, tinola and kilaw, and many more!

Kan-anan also offers Cebuano Buffet which features mouth-watering and delectable fresh from the grill dishes and a whole array of Cebuano cuisine. What’s more, you could also get to enjoy live entertainment every Friday and Saturday while enjoying fresh air and city lights!

Located at the 4th floor of the Cebu Parklane International Hotel, with a spectacular view of the city, Kan-anan is the best place in which you can spend a night catching up with good old friends, spending quality time with your family or taking a night off to de-stress with your loved one.

So come and visit Kan-an and experience Cebu’s diverse culinary heritage.